F5J Electric Sailplane 2 m span.

Code 2.1





Sky-Sergio has been designed for popular 2 m span competition. 

Sky-Sergio has a good aerodynamic design, easy and simple installation, high quality of manufacture insure minimal prep time and great flight features.

Sky-Sergio requires some assembly, but the high standard of prefabrication make this a breeze.

The fuselage has easily removable canopy for R/C equipment service.

The ailerons, flap, rudder and elevator are pre-hinged.






Wing span                     1950 mm

Length                          1200 mm

Wing Area                     31 sq. dm

Airfoil                            AG 25 mod.

Weight (less R/C gear)   290 g


Control: Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator, Flap, Motor.

Equipment Installation Diagram.


Recommended Equipment:


Motor               Outrunner brushless motor 2627 

Controller         Phoenix 25

Battery pack     3 LiPo 600 - 800 mAh

Propeller          folding 10” x 7”

Servo              2 x 8 mm elevator and rudder (Dymond D47) 

                       3 x 9 mm flap and ailerons (Dymond D60)

Recommended Control Travel:


Ailerons            +6/-4 mm

Elevator            +/- 8 mm

Rudder             +/- 20 mm

Flap                  Full down

Use the template to set "0" flaps and ailerons.
Download template.



Tape down all removable parts before flying!


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