Pulsar 4.0 compact



F5J Electric Sailplane 4 m span.

Code 2.12



This model is specially designed for ease of transportation. 

Every single part of this model has a length of less than 1 meter. At the same time model flight performance are traditionally very high.

The wing is built with a carbon woven cloth D-box leading edge, with carbon capped ribs and a carbon trailing edge. This design is not afraid of heat and cold, is not afraid of moisture and rain. Wing and control surfaces are not subject to warping, as is usually the case with full balsa model counterparts.

The control surfaces are pre-hinged with integral shrouds fitted to the flaps and ailerons making less drag.

Model center panel consists of two parts connected by of a high-strength carbon joiner with a cross “V” in 2,5 degrees.

The fuselage of the model is also collapsible: the fuselage pod and tail boom.

The fuselage has easily removable canopy for R/C equipment service.

The fuselage can be equipped with a ballast chamber at the request of the customer.

Warning! model construction is not designed for aerobatics and sudden maneuvers.






Wing span                     ~4000 mm

Length                          ~1790 mm

Wing Area                     91 sq. dm

Airfoil                           AG 25 mod.

Weight (less R/C gear)   1240 g


Control: Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator, Flaps, Motor.



Equipment Installation Diagram.




Recommended Equipment:


Motor                  Kontronik KIRA 480-50+5,2:1

Controller             Phoenix  ICE Lite 75SB

Battery pack         3 LiPo 2200 Ah

Propeller              folding 13” x 8”

Spinner                38 - 42 mm

Servo                  2 x 9 mm elevator and rudder,

                         4 x 13 mm flaps and ailerons.

Recommended Control Travel:


Elevator     + / - 15 mm

Rudder       + /- 35 mm

Flaps          Full down

Ailerons      + 10 mm/ - 6 mm Take off and landing

                 + 8 mm/ - 4 mm Glide


Available Pulsar 4.0 compact  Rudder/Elevator/Spoilers version (RES).

Code 2.13S





Available Pulsar 4.0 compact Rudder/Elevator/Flap version (REF).

Code 2.13F 




Aviailable Pulsar 4.0 compact with V-tail.



Tape down all removable parts before flying!


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