Pulsar 3.2 Pro RES



F3J Sailplane Rudder/ Elevator/ Spoiler  3,2 m span

Code 1.6S


Pulsar 3.2 Pro RES has been designed for popular RES competition. The three piece wing which is extremely light but very strong, is built with a kevlar/carbon woven cloth D-box leading edge, with carbon capped ribs and a carbon trailing edge.
This design is not afraid of heat and cold, is not afraid of moisture and rain. Wing and control surfaces are not subject to warping, as is usually the case with full balsa model counterparts.
The spoilers and rudder are pre-hinged.

Central panel of the Pro model is made with a cross "V" 2 degrees, which improves the performance models, especially in small thermals.
The special shape of the fuselage is designed for precise landing and meets the requirements of the F3J FAI rules.
The fuselage is equipped with a ballast chamber for easy and rapid exchange of ballast in windy weather.






Wing span                        3200 mm

Lenght                             1815 mm

Wing Area                        70,5 sq. dm

Airfoil                              AG 25 mod. 

Weight (less R/C gear)       890 g


Control: Rudder, Elevator, Spoilers.

Equipment Installation Diagram.



Recommended Equipment:


Receiver battery   4 x 4/5 SC NiMh

Servo                  2 x 13 mm elevator and rudder,

                         2 x 9 mm spoilers

                       (2 x 13 mm flaps for REF version)


Recommended Control Travel:


Elevator       + / - 15 mm

Rudder         Full right/ Full left

Spoilers        Full up


Available Pulsar 3.2 Pro Rudder/Elevator/Flap version REF.

Code 1.6F




Available Pulsar 3.2 Pro RES(F) with V-tail.





Tape down all removable parts before flying! 


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