Pulsar FPV 3.0

Pulsar FPV 3.0

Code 3.1 

Pulsar FPV has been designed as a platform for FPV UAV.

Configuration with a pusher propeller and a massive 80x300 pod makes it easy to install the camera with a perfect overview of the front of the aircraft. The equipment is easily attached to the frame and closes removable nose cone. Model has an easily demountable structure, which is convenient for transportation.

The three piece wing which is extremely light but very strong, is built with a Kevlar/carbon woven cloth D-box leading edge, with carbon capped ribs and a carbon trailing edge.

This design is not afraid of heat and cold, is not afraid of moisture and rain. Wing and control surfaces are not subject to warping, as is usually the case with full balsa model counterparts.



Wing span                            2990 mm

Length                                 1570 mm

Wing Area                            63 sq. dm

Airfoil                                  AG 25 mod.

Weight (less R/C gear)          1100 g


Control: Ailerons, Rudders, Elevator, Flap, Motor.


Equipment Installation Diagram.


Recommended Equipment:


Motor                   Kontronik KIRA 480-50 5,2:1

Controller              Phoenix  ICE Lite 75SB 

Battery pack          3 LiPo 3000-5000 mAh

Propeller               folding 13” x 8”

Spinner                 40 mm

Servo                    3 x 9 mm elevator and rudder,

                           3 x 13 mm flap and ailerons.

Recommended Control Travel:


Elevator          + / - 15 mm

Rudder           + /- 35 mm

Flap                Full down

Ailerons          + 10 mm/ - 6 mm Take off and landing

                     + 8 mm/ - 4 mm Glide

Use the template to set "0" flaps and ailerons.

Download template.


Tape down all removable parts before flying! 


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